Anak Rantau by A. Fuadi

Anak Rantau by A. Fuadi

"What did you remember the most from your childhood? Was it great? Was it sad? Would you love to travel back to the time when smartphone was not exist yet? Would you love to travel to time when you spend your time playing soccer in green field beside your home with friends after school? Or when you played in the river bank? Or when we pretended to be a superhero and detective? Would you love to travel back to your place where you belong?

My childhood and hometown, it's me. And I am here to travel back to that time...." - July2017 of myself .

It was the feeling when I read "Anak Rantau". I felt like I came back home to the time when I played with my friends using our wild imaginations believing that we can be a superhero that will make this world better. It was really exciting to read Anak Rantau a novel by @afuadi who is also my great Writing Mentor because it is very rich of Minang cultures, life journey, religious, family and friendship values in the eyes of innocent kid.
Thanks Bang Fuadi for sending me the book! Wish the best for the book!

Masih sempat untuk anda semua dapatkan karya terbaru dari @afuadi ini. WhatsApp segera +60197805019untuk pembelian 😊 .

Credit photo :  @afuadi  @megapuspitap

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