Prayers Of The Pious

Today I started reading “Prayers of the Pious” by @imamomarsuleiman . I had intended to read the first few pages sitting outside but my plans were thwarted by the sand storm that came our way. I signaled the cats to head inside and they rushed in with the same urgency with which I had beckoned them just moments before. .
I peered through the blinds and looked at the violent swaying of the trees. Little bits of leaves fell and swooped around along the street. The rushing of the wind shook the doors and its sound permeated the walls. .
The trees shook but they did not uproot. The bushes were pelted left and right but they stayed where they were, firmly fixed on the ground. For all of the plants, the trees, even the homes, no amount of thrashing of the wind took them down. .
How wonderful would it be if our faith and heart stood just as sound? The mountain nearby maintains its shape and does not move an inch. Being a mountain, I feel, is so far away from me. But if only I could be like the trees - I can shake with the turbulent times, can shed a few leaves and show a few bruises, but my heart stays firm, planted in the knowledge of Allah (swt). My lips reciting Surah Ikhlas - there is one and only God - and my hands busy in doing good towards all those who surround me. .

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