I am Jakarta based illustrator and graphic designer. Was graduated in 2014 majoring in Visual Communication Design. I also write on my spare time. I am focusing on making books and illustrated goods. I wrote and illustrated Stories for Rainy Days and Stories for Rainy Days Volume II. I also made some art books and zines. Own a brand named Asobi where I am turning my works into products. Also involved in various projects.

My inspiration is my everyday life. Things around me, favorite movies, books, music. All things that I like. I always tell my self that, “Inspiration is actually all around you and all you have to do is feel.” Every little thing has meaning, not only in function, but also personal meaning. Take example, candy, for some people it may not have meaning, but to another person, it may have personal meaning. Like, the one who gave it or where she got it. I want to capture everyday things into an illustration. Happy reading ❤️

Naela Ali

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