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Bug Bite Soother by Oilzania Borneo ( Krim Anti Nyamuk )

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Dear Mothers,

What would you do if your child or yourself got bitten by bugs or mosquitos?

Do you notice on some children their skin turns red, swollen and itchy, making them want to scratch their skin until the skin is broken?

This specially crafted Bugs Bite Soother is one of Oilzania Borneo's range to reduce the swelling and itchiness after bugs bite. It is crafted using essential oil, beeswax and coconut oil.

Mothers, you just dab the Bugs Bite Soother onto the bitten skin 2 - 3 times a day. Dont rub to much on skin just rub on the surface of skin bitten

Grab our Bugs Bite Soother from Merdeka Promo quickly because you will get a lot of money saving. The normal price for Bugs Bite Soother is Rm24 for 5g and Rm35 for 10g.

Warning : dont rub the Bugs Bite Soother onto broken skin


Perasan tak kulit anak akan menjadi merah, gatal dan bengkak selepas gigitan serangga atau nyamuk sehingga mereka menggaru kulit mereka sehingga luka?

Bugs Bite Soother daripada Oilzania Borneo direka khas untuk mengurangkan kegatalan dan bengkak yang terjadi selepas gigitan serangga dan nyamuk. Ia diperbuat daripada bahan semulajadi seperti  essential oil, minyak kelapa dan beeswax.

Hanya sapu Bug Bite Soother ini dipermukaan atas kulit gigitan nyamuk tanpa disapu menyerap ke dalam.

Pastikan Bugs Bite Soother tidak disapu pada permukaan kulit yang luka

Jom dapatkan Bugs Bite Soother pada harga yang menjimatkan.

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