Edensor by Andrea Hirata

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Aku ingin mendaki puncak tantangan, menerjang batu granit kesulitan, menggoda mara bahaya, dan memecahkan misteri dengan sains. Aku ingin menghirup berupa-rupa pengalaman lalu terjun bebas menyelami labirin lika-liku hidup yang ujungnya tak dapat disangka. Aku mendamba kehidupan dengan kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang bereaksi satu sama lain seperti benturan molekul uranium: meletup tak terduga-duga, menyerap, mengikat, mengganda, berkembang, terurai, dan berpencar ke arah yang mengejutkan. Aku ingin ke tempat-tempat yang jauh, menjumpai beragam bahasa dan orang-orang asing. Aku ingin berkelana, menemukan arahku dengan membaca bintang gemintang. Aku ingin mengarungi padang dan gurun-gurun, ingin melepuh terbakar matahari, limbung dihantam angin, dan menciut dicengkeram dingin. Aku ingin kehidupan yang menggetarkan, penuh dengan penaklukan. Aku ingin hidup! Ingin merasakan sari pati hidup!

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*Adhadewi rated it it was amazing*
Andrea Hirata and his story about pursing his master degree in France and UK. This book, I gotta say is my inspiration. When I read this book years ago, I really wanted to follow the writer path, to go to Sorbonne University! Little did I know, after years my dreams came true! No, not the Sorbonne part, but, Master Degree from abroad (*coughDukeUniversitycough) and... pose in front of the Eiffel. Have to say my appreciation to the writer, he has made me dare to dream! Thank You Andrea Hirata!

*i rated it liked it*
I suppose to read "Sang Pemimpi" before this, but it's OK too. Edensor has pushed me to be a backpacker crossing Europe and Africa. Oh my gosh, Andrea, actually you merely gave me your diary to read.. You rock my thought, anyway: philosophy will be better if it's closer to social antrophology.. Again, you rock!

*Christine rated it it was amazing*
This is the first from Andrea Hirata's tetralogy that I've read. I was in my friends room, trying to sleep, but I could'nt. Then, I spot this book. I read the back cover and read the whole chapter. When I finished, I've decided that one day, I have to be a backpacker traveler, even if it's just for one time.. Oh yeah, the next day, I also buy all three of Andrea's books.. hehehe..

*Zuhrufi rated it it was amazing*
Shelves: recommended
From this book, I get a lot of knowledge about abroad. Now I can see how was the life of people from abroad and the culture. And, I can learn that we must be a strong human. Never give up! Don't afraid in having a dream. Dream can be one of something that encourage us to reach our dreams become true. Nothing impossible.
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