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Novel Underground by Ika Natassa

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Welcome to Underground, the most prominent music television station in the United States, where young, talented entertainers and VJs live their normal lives, that is if you can call living under the limelight for ten hours a day, flying on Marquis Jet to cover AmsterJam and Live 8, and pose for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine ‘normal’. Under the spotlight, everything seems perfect. Liv has just been listed as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. Stefan, the so-called most eligible bachelor in New York, succesfully started a celebrity online promotion company. Gavin got his band signed on a major label. Claire is being headhunted by MTV and VH1. Heather and Jared are making the most of their love story on set. Shareef and Aaliyah can easily replace Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to pose for W magazine as the pefect American family. But when the spotlights have went out and the red carpet has been rolled, they have to face the hard truth. Abstinence versus promiscuity, gossips on tabloids, drugs, plastic surgery, to unwanted pregnancy are just the tip of the iceberg. Underground is a simple novel about the complex life of celebrities, although like most of us, they are too still trying to define the true meaning of friendship and love.

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