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[Social & Emotional Intelligence]

⁠⁠💰Price: RM 59

Meet Emmi!

She is resilient, independent and courageous. She always tries her best, and even when the going gets tough, Emmi never gives in.

This charming story uses verse and beautiful illustrations to model resilience, persistence, and the ability to face challenges with tenacity.

Children who are resilient are brave, curious, confident and problem solvers. Nurturing these traits in our children will go a long way to helping them face the many challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.

There are some great Discussion Questions for parents, carers and educators included, along with suggested activities to promote children's resilience.

Given the year we have had so far, both adults and children will benefit from reading about Emmi and her efforts.⁠
⁠Click the link in the bio @meraki to learn more about Children's Empowerment 💪🏼

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